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A Spooky Time At Agenda

Posted: 04th November 2016

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The 3rd of November saw Agenda celebrate Halloween and Bonfire Night combined in one great day of events. All the celebrations were in aid of our company 2016 charity of the year – the Alzheimer’s Society. Always happy to get involved with charity events the Agenda team didn't disappoint. For a small charitable fee, during the day everyone dressed up as their scariest selfs and joined in the fun!

Once the day’s dress up events were over with Agenda also held an evening event, inviting partners and children along to play games such as ‘Pin the Wart on the Witch’, ‘Dangling Donuts’,  Apple Bobbin’ and ‘Witches’ Hat Toss’. These were all received really well with the children really joining in the fun. As well as these games, there was also food served in ‘Hell’s Kitchen’.

There was also a small competitive aspect with the judging of a pumpkin carving competition and a best fancy dressed competition. To round the night off with a bang there was also a spectacular fireworks display. All in all this was a great day and night of events and it was really fun to bring together partners and kids in a fun and light hearted environment.

Agenda are proudly supporting Alzheimer’s Society. For more information on their initiatives and to raise money visit their website