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News archive for May 2016

‘Social Media for Business’ – Zebra Consulting

Posted: 30th May 2016 in

Agenda attended an event yesterday that focused on utilising social media for business and growing your follower base.

How To Control Your Reputation

Posted: 20th May 2016 in

Agenda attended a presentation this week that focused on Recruitment and Marketing and how the combination of the two can affect your business reputation.

Considering International Social Media

Posted: 18th May 2016 in

Because of Agenda upcoming expansion our marketers have begun looking at different ways of targeting prospective customers whilst we are still principally based within the United Kingdom.

Using LinkedIn as a Marketing Tool

Posted: 10th May 2016 in

LinkedIn has quickly become not only a professional social platform for connecting with people you know and work with but also a tool for marketing. This growth in use of the platform is growing more and more every day with over 433 million users of the site worldwide.