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Life is a Helluva lot more fun if you say yes

Posted: 06th September 2017

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We’re over half way through 2017 now, and we think it’s a good time to reflect on the Marketing trends of 2017. What trends have people and businesses been embracing this year?

According to, some of the top trends for 2017 are as follows:

Target Influencers: Think celebrity endorsements. Brands are finding that influencer that their audience idealises and utilising them to sell sell sell. Influencers naturally seduce a target audience and make they want what the brand is selling.

Live streaming and Visual Storytelling: Story telling has been huge in 2017. Audiences want to connect with a brand on a personal level to feel like they are getting more than just a sales pitch. The introduction of SnapChat and InstaStories means that brands can now easily create ‘behind the scenes’ content without It hanging around for long – 24 hours and it’s gone if you want it to be!   YouTube and Facebook have also introduced ‘Live’ options, so that BIG event that’s coming up? That award show you’re involved in? Your audience can now experience this too, in real time! It’s a game changer.

Chatbots: Becoming ever more popular, chatbots are changing the game. Software, like Apple’s Siri, is the forerunner in terms of quick searching for modern audiences. They literally don’t have to lift a finger to get where they want to go! We’re now seeing business utilising them more than ever.

Expiration Dates: Look now or lose your chance. These days everything in the digital world is about urgency; being in the moment; hitting the nail on the head. With social media channels like SnapChat becoming increasingly popular, so did expiration dates on content in 2017. ‘Blink and you’ve missed it’ makes content ever more intriguing and really makes people pay attention.

Personalisation: Know your audience. Marketing in 2017 is all about homing in on exactly what people are looking for – audiences can spot sales pitches at the drop of a hat these days.

Have you seen any of the above utilised? What’s your favourite new marketing trend? Let us know on Twitter @agenda_mc.