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Memorable Moments

Posted: 31st July 2017

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This month’s lunch and learn was entitled Memorable Moments and it was a real test of our communication, memory and teamwork skills. The overall aim was to build an exact replica of a structure made from marshmallows, spaghetti and string - sounds easy, right?

We split up into 3 separate teams and went off to our top-secret construction rooms.  Each team selected someone to go and view the original structure for 30 seconds, remember what they saw and then return to describe it. The only thing is, once you’d been to see the original structure you were no longer permitted to physically help build your replica and could only talk your teammates through what you’d seen. This is where the fun came in as remembering what you had seen was one thing but then describing it to the team was another!

Each team could send all but one member of their team to see the original which got interesting watching them trying to make sense of everyone’s seemingly conflicting memories!

After the 30-minute construction deadline was up, our expert in spaghetti-marshmallow-string structures (Den) was tasked with picking the most accurate representation of the original.

Team 3 went slightly off-piste making use of their natural flair by adding a flag and going overboard on marshmallows (not always a bad thing!). Team 1 finished first and came up with two ways to bend the rules but ultimately came up short. That meant that despite Sarah Richardson having not attended ‘Spaghetti String Tying School’, Team 2 were judged to be the winners.

Despite being quite frustrating, this session was a lot of fun and it was great to see people from different parts of the business working well together.