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Our GTPW Survey results are in!

Posted: 06th June 2017

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At Agenda we recently provided staff with the option to complete our annual Great Place to Work survey that asks staff to answer questions based on how they think we are performing as a business. We ask questions that relate our values and the general running of the business.

Following our 2016 survey, where 79% of staff agree that Agenda was a great place to work, we targeted 85% in 2017. We didn’t quite achieve this – 77% of staff agreed this year, however this was the first time we have offered multiple answers other than just ‘yes’ or ‘no’. The mixed feelings category allowed those who were undecided this year, to also give an answer without forcing them to go one way or the other.



Overall, 41 out of 48 categories scored better than last year, and our three values all remained at 100%! After the 2016 survey, we wanted to target 3 areas for improvement – Communication, “I enjoy working here”, “Agenda is free from things that are upsetting such as bullying, harassment, sexism and racism” – and we succeeded!



Based on this year’s answers, we have taken some categories that, again, we aim to improve upon, which are all in line with our core values (Respect, Reputation and Responsibility):


Improve hygiene, improve communication and challenge rude or disrespectful behaviour.


Provide ownership of training, promote training opportunities, offer clear career development objectives, offer study time/groups and bring in a new Ideas Forum.


Key customer focus, review options to speed up recruitment, provide better cover for holidays/sickness, follow up on concerns, review our values awards system and provide managers with more time to manage.

As one of the final parts to the survey, staff are given the option to provide feedback in their own words, and below are just some of the great things that were said about Agenda:

  • “Since starting at Agenda, I have always been supported in my work role and my personal life.”
  • “The company does care about their employees and does see them as an extended family in some ways.”
  • “I feel that the great place to work scheme is not just a title or a label and there is genuine “buy in” from senior management.”
  • “The family ethos makes it very difficult to compare where I have worked previously, the directors show a genuine interest in what you are doing as opposed to being just concerned about the bottom line.”
  • “I think Agenda is a great place to work. The benefits, extras and incentives are excellent.”
  • “Paul and Norman really care about the staff.”
  • “Agenda is a lovely place to work and provides lots of opportunities for training and development.”
  • “I am given good support from directors, which helps me to do my job and to develop my skills. Everyone is friendly and helpful.”
  • “Having worked in many other companies over the years, sadly some employees do not appreciate what is offered at Agenda as they have no previous experience to reflect on.”
  • “Agenda supports me in my development, provides flexibility when I need it due to family issues. I feel encouraged and empowered to be involved in exciting initiatives.”

So to summarise; 85% of the categories were better than 2016, we have key areas to focus on improving, we aim to move people into the ‘strongly agree’ category, we are on track to accomplish our 2020 goals and our values continue to underpin everything we do.